© krista jahnke photography

The #IceBoxChallenge is a contest. It’s also a public science demonstration that invites the public to discover the benefits of high-performance buildings.

Open Green Building Society was invited to play leading role in design and development of the project website and contest functionality.

The Ice Box Challenge comprises two small structures. One is built to the BC Building Code, and the other is built to the super-insulated Passive House Standard. Each Ice Box contains one tonne of ice. The Ice Boxes are left outside in the summer sun for 18 days. Then they are opened and the amount of ice left in each box is measured. How much ice is left indicates how well each Ice Box keeps out the summer heat.

© krista jahnke photography
© krista jahnke photography

Passive House Canada is running the Ice Box Challenge, with support from the City of Vancouver, Vancity, and members of the local construction and design industry – 475 High Performance Building Supply, BCIT High Performance Building Lab, Britco Construction, Cascadia Windows and Doors, Cornerstone Architecture, Dick’s Lumber, E3 Eco Group, Echoflex Solutions Inc., Euroline Windows, Footprint Sustainable Housing Corporation, Golden Chateau Building Materials Inc., Kingdom Builders, MistyWest, MIZU Passive House Consulting, Modu-Loc Fence Rentals, Multivista, Naikoon Contracting Ltd., Naturally Crafted Contracting Ltd., Open Green Building Society, Polar Bear Ice, Portable Electric, Ritchie Construction, Ryder Architecture, Siga Cover, Slow and Steady Design, Small Planet Supply, Stantec Architecture, Stark Architecture, James A.V. Bligh, Simon Chan, Cu Nguyen, Ria Purnam, Ian Robertson

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