ZEBx Innovation Cluster

OPEN and ZEBx have teamed up to launch the Zero Emissions Building Exchange Innovation Cluster – a collaborative workspace for champions of sustainable building to come together and advance our communities towards a zero-carbon future. It’s our mission to create the market transformation we know industry needs as quickly and effectively as possible.

“Clusters are geographically proximate groups of interconnected companies, suppliers, service providers, and associated institutions” — Michael E. Porter, “The Competitive Advantage of Nations,” 1990.

We believe that our industry cluster, infused with a balance of planned and unplanned collaboration, can create tangible impacts for the member organizations and the sector as a whole.  If you´re intrigued, read on or express your interest through this short form.

Who´s involved? 

OPEN is a social enterprise and collaboration platform with over 10 years’ experience building innovative software solutions for accelerating the impact of high performance buildings.

The Zero Emissions Building Exchange (ZEBx) is a centre of excellence that increases knowledge, capacity and passion for cost-effective, attractive zero emission buildings.. Recognizing that innovation, inspiration, and the building industry itself are not confined to municipal boundaries, ZEBx aspires to learn from both local and global leaders and to expand its mission to support zero emissions building across the province.


ZEBx is currently receiving applications from industry leaders for full-time and part-time membership in the Innovation Cluster. Joining the Cluster provides you and your organization with the benefits of co-working combined with carefully curated programming, effortless collaboration possibilities and the opportunity to work at “ground zero” of BC´s sustainable construction industry. You can also buy a membership for the flexible work area, for 5 hours or 20 hours per month. Express your interest through this short form.

Cluster programs (in the works) include:

•Residence Programs (Researcher-in-Residence, Building Scientist-in-Residence, etc.)
•Green building technology start-up incubator
•Industry-led, collaboratively developed and externally funded web applications that support ZEBx mission, activities and KPIs

Benefits to Cluster members:

  • Knowledge exchange (Lunch n’ Learns, Workshops with industry experts, etc.).
  • Access to a dedicated bookable private office, as well as five meeting rooms and phone booths.
  • Discounted or free attendance to ZEBx events and trainings.
  • Representation (logo) in the ZEBx space and on ZEBx´s website.
  • Participation in collaborative funding applications for joint-research opportunities.
  • Access to subject matter experts from across disciplines, only a few metres away from your desk.
  • Full membership to the HiVE.


Requirements of Cluster Members:

  • Active projects must align with ZEBx priorities and values.
  • Willing to share lessons learned and non-confidential resources with the ZEBx community.
  • Committed to participating in ZEBx research initiatives, providing feedback on ZEBx programs and sharing ZEBx content through their networks.


Apply now to join the ZEBx Innovation Cluster!


Want to explore this opportunity further? Contact jenna@opengb.com  with questions or stop by for a tour between 9:00am-5:00pm.

Ready to join the Cluster and the ZEBx community? Fill out this short form.


Zero Emissions Building Exchange #250 – 128 West Hastings, Vancouver, BC V6B 1G8