Our Story

Formerly the Open Green Building Society and Regenerative Applications Inc., we became OPEN in 2018 to streamline our focus towards software tools that promote the market adoption of high performance products and best practices in energy management.

Our Approach

We believe that decisions informed by data and knowledge of industry trends are better decisions, and that regulatory, financial, social, and environmental objectives can be aligned as a result.  To achieve this, OPEN:

  • develops low-barrier tools that provide attractive, accessible, and actionable information; and

  • strives to effectively balance competition and sector building in designing our sustainable revenue model.

Our Team

Dave Ramslie

Principal & Director, OPEN
VP of Sustainability, Concert Properties


With over a decade of experience in the green building industry, Dave is a leader on urban sustainability issues and policy. He is widely regarded as one of the most innovative policy makers in the Pacific Northwest, due to his track record of delivering effective programs and building lasting partnerships. As a pragmatic problem solver and a highly engaging public speaker, Dave has presented his findings to a variety of audiences.

Christian Cianfrone

Principal & Director, OPEN
Executive Director, ZEBx


Christian Cianfrone, M.A.Sc., P.Eng., LEED AP BD+C, BEMP is the executive director of the newly launched Zero Emissions Building Exchange (ZEBx). Christian has spent the last 13 years as a building energy consultant, working on hundreds of high performance projects, developing progressive energy policy, and researching and presenting emerging and innovative content across North America.

Eesmyal Santos-Brault

Principal & Director, OPEN
Principal, Recollective

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Eesmyal is a social entrepreneur with a background in engineering, creativity, and sustainability. He has co-founded and continues to serve as director of six social enterprises that focus on web and mobile applications, green buildings, education, co-working, and civic engagement. Some of these include The HiVE, Design Nerds, and Open Green Building Society, which he co-founded in 2008. Eesmyal earns a living as a green building expert and CEO of Recollective, a B-Corp certified multi-disciplinary green building consulting firm he co-founded in 2006.

Donovan Woollard




Donovan’s work focuses on translating great sustainable business ideas into great sustainable businesses. He seeks barely possible solutions to challenges that are big enough to matter; the easy stuff has been done.

In Fall 2018, Donovan became the CEO of OPEN.

In addition, he:
• spent five years as Co-Director of RADIUS, a social innovation hub and venture incubator at SFU’s Beedie School of Business, where he is now an Entrepreneur-in-Residence and Advisor;
• is a founding investor, board member, and team member of Persephone Brewing Company; and
• sits on a range of corporate and non-profit boards

Since 2010, Donovan has also run Transom Enterprises to launch, grow, and sell sustainability-oriented businesses.

Donovan cut his entrepreneurial teeth over four years as COO of Offsetters (Nature Bank), Canada’s leading carbon offset and carbon management firm. He has also worked for Vancity, BC Hydro, and Ecotrust and worked the graveyard shift at a half-way house.

Donovan has a Master of Business Administration from UBC’s Sauder School of Business, a Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Community Economic Development, and an undergraduate degree (Hon.) in philosophy.

Neil Thomson

SEED Project Manager


Neil grew up in South Africa and moved to London, UK after his undergrad. Neil is excited about the potential for technology to improve the health of our communities. Through the Open Green Building Society he’s making it easier for the real estate sector to access and share tools for increasing the resource efficiency of buildings. He’s also currently satisfying a long standing desire to start a company. Naked Snacks is a natural foods brand and online snacking service, shipping healthy and delicious food to happy customers throughout Canada.

Ryan McCuaig

Chief Technology Officer

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Ryan is a registered architect and software designer practicing in Vancouver. He worked as a project architect for fifteen years, specializing in complex recreational and academic renovations. He now concentrates on coaxing computers of all kinds into helping architects, engineers and contractors make better, more sustainable, more humane buildings.

Jenna McNeil

Project Manager

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Jenna supports operations and product management for OPEN, and spearheads the Three for All initiative. She is the Vice President of the HiVE Board of Directors and likes to nerd out about urban sustainability and emerging organizational development practices. Jenna is currently learning metalsmithing, powerlifting and how to speak Albanian.

Greg Sugiyama

Software Developer


Prior to developing web applications, Greg worked for a decade as a professional chef. He now spends his time building software solutions for the built environment.

Andrew Shopland

Software Developer


Andrew is a software developer, urban geographer, and community builder—sometimes all at once! His favourite types of community to build are diverse, inclusive, healthy, resilient, sustainable, walkable, bikeable, intergenerational, intersectional, and heart-centred.

Sarah Hay

Graphic Designer


Sarah Hay is a communication designer with a keen interest in architecture, planning and sustainability. Sarah teaches at Emily Carr University in the faculty of design and dynamic media, and at Simon Fraser University through the Certificate Program in Dialogue and Civic Engagement.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board includes representatives from the following organizations:

• University of British Columbia

• City of Vancouver

• Architectural Institute of British Columbia (AIBC)

• Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia (APEGBC)

• Canada Green Building Council

• BC Hydro

• Fortis Energy Inc.

• Enersys Analytics